Inspur joins hands with Saudi cloud service providers to provide new impetus for cloud companies
Based on the customer's plan, an integrated cloud-network architecture has been built

Background introduction:

Founded in 1982, the company is a large-scale cloud service provider in Saudi Arabia. It is committed to providing customers with customized ICT solution design and deployment services. Its main business includes enterprise-level network construction, management services, and data center construction, enterprise-level private cloud construction, etc.. It is one of the only two companies in Saudi Arabia that have obtained the TL9000 quality management system certification by virtue of the NOC (Network Operation Center) service. The company entered the public cloud service market in 2017, providing services to government and corporate customers. 


Most traditional IDC data centers adopt independent operation and maintenance for the cloud and network. It is difficult to exchange data. Besides, the large and diversified number of network equipment, the low degree of standardization, the lack of a unified and open platform are so prominent problems that it is not enough to support the operation of diverse applications and services.

Due to the rapid increase in business volume based on cloud computing platforms in recent years, the cloud service provider’s existing cloud service infrastructure cannot meet the needs of market development, and it is urgent to build a new public cloud platform to meet the explosive demand from surrounding areas. The cloud service provider decided to build a new OpenStack-based public cloud platform in early 2020 to support future business needs. The project not only includes hardware devices and software platforms such as switches, servers, and storage, but also the customer hopes that manufacturers can provide customized SDN control to cooperate with the deployment of cloud computing in the data center to achieve integrated control and management of cloud and network.

Solution introduction:

The customer's basic business includes ECS (Elastic Compute Service), OSS (Object Storage Service), SAP and Oracle database business, etc. The overall solution provided by us takes the construction of cloud-network integration as the main goal. It uses Inspur general-purpose servers, storage servers and storage products and other star models to create a combination plan, which can help customers to build a more intelligent data center network with the Inspur self-developed SDN controller software platform. Compared with the early Cascade Lake, the performance of Refresh platform processor thar the servers use can be increased by up to 36%. The storage adopts the latest SAP HANA-certified G5 platform full-flash storage, and the Build-in compression chip improves compression performance while further helping customers reduce costs and increase efficiency.

1) Build cloud-network integration to reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance

In response to the current situation and needs of the customer, Inspur provides a highly scalable cloud-network integration architecture to help integrate all cloud and network resources, achieves the management and scheduling through a unified operation, management and maintenance platform, and performs resource allocation and scheduling in a user-oriented manner. Inspur's self-developed SDN controller realizes distributed routing and forwarding on the entire network, supports modular networking, greatly reducing the complexity of operation and maintenance. In addition, the SDN controller also provides a highly visualized operation, management and maintenance platform, supports automatic discovery of network topology, real-time awareness of topology changes, helps administrators quickly locate failure points, reduces business failure recovery time, and helps customers greatly improve operation and maintenance efficiency. And according to the requirements of customer flow monitoring, the function of flow monitoring is integrated, which realizes the monitoring of historical flow and phase flow, and supports restapi for user inquiries.

2) Toll collection system software

In response to customer SAP HANA business needs, Inspur provides NF5280M5 as a SAP HANA node to support customer business, which can fully carry application scenarios such as SAP ERP BW DM and Business One, providing strong IT infrastructure support for enterprise customers' digital transformation. NF5280M5 realizes flexible configuration through component upgrades, meets important application scenarios such as "large-capacity storage, all-flash memory, IO-intensive" required by customers, and flexibly responds to different needs.

In response to customer demands for large-capacity storage servers, Inspur provided the NF5266M5 storage server with 4 pieces of NVMe SSDs and 20 pieces of 12T SATA HDDs. This product is a platform solution specially developed for enterprise data storage management with the maximum storage capacity of 420TB. The good storage capacity, storage density and processing capacity escort customers to store business data and important information.

In addition, the solution is also equipped with Inspur all-flash storage HF5000G5, which has passed the SAP HANA enterprise storage solution certification. Relying on its low-latency, high-performance, and strong expansion characteristics, it can well meet customers' needs for storage, disaster recovery, active-active, and backup under various applications such as OLTP/OLAP, virtualization, and file sharing for large databases. The built-in data reduction chip can realize data deduplication and compression without occupying CPU resources. The data reduction ratio can reach 5:1, which can greatly increase storage density and reduce storage costs.

Customer Benefits

This project greatly simplifies the customer's procurement process and procurement cost through the integration of the overall solution, and saves the customer's procurement cycle. Through the front and back office connections and resource coordination, the entire program can be completed in one month, the integration work has shortened the overall delivery time by more than 60%; in terms of cost optimization, the adoption of the Refresh platform has helped customers reduce their CPU procurement costs by 47%; the application of the storage server NF5266M5 has helped customers save 20 per TB of procurement costs % Above, the operation and maintenance cost is reduced by about 25% compared with the equipment purchased by the customer before. Through the integration of technology, we will further help customers provide more secure, reliable, and cost-effective public cloud services.

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