Inspur’s original JDM model helps achieve ultimate delivery for Ericsson
Relying on the JDM model, Inspur has customized solutions and greatly shortening the supply cycle

Background introduction:

Ericsson was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 1876, with operations in more than 180 countries and regions around the world. It is the world's leading provider of end-to-end comprehensive communication solutions and professional services. Ericsson's 2G, 3G and 4G wireless communication networks are widely used and deployed by major operators in the world. Ericsson is also a global leader in the standardization of mobile communications.

VIMS is a part of the telecom NFV network. With the increasing number of users, the network utilization rate is augmenting day by day, which also leads to the needs for mobile operators to regularly carry out hardware expansion.


In the third phase of China Telecom’s VIMS expansion project, Ericsson, as a VIMS supplier, needs to bid for the hardware that carries the VIMS, and the server has become the main contract package. While using suitable server products to meet the VIMS system's requirements for performance, energy consumption and other aspects, how to meet the demanding requirements of end customers for delivery time has become the core issue of Ericsson's concern.

Solution introduction:

Relying on Inspur's independent research and development and high-end manufacturing capabilities, Inspur server products have realized independent innovation in the whole process from board card to whole unit assembly, testing, and manufacturing, covering IT architecture from basic application architecture layer to system resource scheduling layer, and physical foundation. At the facility level, it assists customers in their digital transformation in an all-round way, which is the best choice for customer data center infrastructure construction.

Inspur has an influential mature supply chain system in the industry. Relying on the JDM model, Inspur allows customers to participate in the process of designing, developing and delivering server products. In the end, the customer's needs can be realized and satisfied to the greatest extent, thereby improving the efficiency of the entire server product supply chain.

1) Strong performance + innovative design

This project uses Inspur NF5180M5 server product, which takes into account the requirements of high computing density, high scalability, security and stability, and maximizes the release of the server's computing and expansion capabilities in 1U space.

1. Innovative design: Compared with other traditional 1U dual-socket servers, NF5180M5 is exclusively designed to support 2 SSD hard drives while having 4 3.5-inch SATA hard drives in the front. These two SSD hard disks can be used as data caches for virtualization and cloud services, improving the efficiency and access speed as cache servers.

2. High computing density: Two Intel Xeon Gold processors are supported in 1U space to increase computing density and maximize space utilization.

3. High scalability: Through 3 PCI-E standard slots and 2 OCP2.0 PCI-E slots, the network expansion capability is greatly improved; it can flexibly support 1Gb/ 10Gb/ 25Gb and other different speed network cards to meet customer business and Manage network requirements.

4. Security: The trusted platform module TPM2.0 provides advanced data encryption functions to ensure the integrity of the firmware system and effectively protect customer data security and asset security.

2) A rolling forecast mechanism to achieve extreme server deployment

In the product delivery link, Inspur has established an advanced rolling forecast mechanism, and the overall delivery cycle has been greatly shortened. With the strong and mature supply chain management capabilities and advanced mechanisms, Inspur has created a record of deploying more than 10,000 nodes in 8 hours, which is equivalent to deploying a server in less than three seconds.

3) Supply chain and delivery management work together

In this expansion, 300 general-purpose servers produced by Inspur have been selected, among which the CPU is a non-universal model, mainly for the telecom operator market. Customer-oriented bidding for servers put forward various requirements, Inspur started in many ways and actively responded, and the delivery period of CPU was greatly shortened from 8 weeks to 4 weeks, ensuring that the goods arrived within the extremely demanding time required by the final customer. The most concerned issue of the customer sales department.

Customer Benefits

Ericsson adopted Inspur products to provide customized solutions for telecom operators, and launched the products in a shorter time, which greatly exceeded the expectations of end users. While meeting the demanding requirements of end users for delivery time, it also effectively saved users’ cost, and provides a strong guarantee for Ericsson’s market share in telecom operators.

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