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Background introduction:

Inspur designs Internet of Cars for global top automobile manufacturers to implement efficient management and the cutdown of cost and space.


As a leading automobile manufacturer in the world, the business of the well-known German automobile company includes the production and selling of luxurious cars, business cars, trucks and buses. It has a broad range of brands and its plants are located in all continents.
Project background:
Industry development trend:
At present, the automotive electronic system has gradually progressed into a centralized architecture system which is dedicated to realizing automotive intelligence in order to transmit real-time vehicle conditions to service providers through the cloud. By means of big data accumulation and self-learning, it can use the interactive service mode among thousands of people. The future vehicle will be a complete intelligent device which will connect to the central platform through could. All instant staus of the car will be tranmitted to the central platform in a form of data. At the same time, the application of vehicles connection in the future will pay more attention to environment to use green travel. All kinds of demands and development prospects put forward requirements for data calculation, operation and maintenance.

Solution introduction:

In order to help the company solve these challenges, Inspur has built Internet of Cars. By deploying NF5180M5 as computing and control nodes and NF5466M5 as storage nodes, Inspur has built a cloud platform for data collection, processing and analysis.
First, it can provide a platform to manage the company's cars. In addition to the normal functions (such as inventory management), it can also ensure that all the company's cars can be interconnected, and the real-time running status will be submitted to the platform. After the central platform analyzes these data, it can provide suggestions to the car owners like  when and what components of the car shall be replaced so as to avoid possible accidents and save maintenance costs.
Second, once the platform has been put into use, any customer who has purchased or will purchase a car from this company can connect their car to the platform and obtain the same experience.

1) Inspur NF5180M5 is used for control and computing nodes

The automobile business layout of this company is extensive with various product lines and the models, which not only provide a huge amount of original data but also put forward high requirements for the computing power level required by the data processing of the Internet of vehicles platform to accurately grasp the use status and potential loss information of different models. At the same time, these data are also needed to be stored in time, which requires more capacity and faster access speed. Compared with other traditional 1U dual-socket servers, NF5180M5 is designed to support two SSD hard disks in addition to four 3.5-inch SATA hard disks. These two SSD hard disks can be used as the data cache of virtualization and cloud services to improve the efficiency and access speed of the cache server. NF5180M5's high-density features provide customers with more computing power in the limited physical space, effectively helps customers improve the input-output ratio, and improve the cash flow at the initial stage of operation.

2) The storage node adopts Inspur high-capacity and high-density storage server NF5466M5

With the continuous expansion of the company's business territory, the amount of data such as vehicle characteristics, vehicle fault information and user behavior greatly increased, which also requires the platform to improve the data storage capacity and optimize the storage mode. At the same time, the tide of high-density storage server NF5466M5 meets the needs of the current transition of the enterprise's Internet of vehicles platform from the traditional automobile market to the new Internet products. NF5466M5 can not only build the infrastructure of distributed storage system, but also be suitable for cloud storage resource pool and other applications. In traditional industries, it can be applied to many scenarios such as big data, mail system and so on. NF5466M5 strengthens storage and PCIe design,  can support up to 40 LFF drives and use 80 plus platinum power module, even under 50% low load, the energy conversion efficiency can reach 94%, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption burden of the networking of vehicles platform. After adoption this system, the product saves a lot of software and hardware resources to build storage array separately, which meets the initial construction needs of customers. At the same time, the control nodes and computing nodes use the same type of server, which makes the installation and maintenance more convenient.

Customer Benefits

Through the solution of Inspur cloud platform and high-quality server products, Inspur guarantees the computing resources and storage capacity for the automobile manufacturing company, saves more than 25% of the cost of vehicle maintenance and operation, greatly reduces the TCO of cloud system, and implemented more convenient management of internal and external vehicles, such as detecting the aging status of care parts and improving the service quality, reminding the driver to replace the old parts, and detecting the gasoline level of the vehicle and control the gasoline cost. Moreover, it has also helped the company's customers to save cost on maintaining and running the vehicles.

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