Inspur AI Solutions Help Top Korean Internet Company Enhance Efficiency

Background introduction:


The company plans to build an AI platform integrating voice engine, visual engine, dialogue engine, etc. It also provides intelligent smart speakers, offering news, exchange rates, stock prices, sports, movies/TV, real-time hot searches, and so on.

Solution introduction:

Inspur provides AI Server NF5468M5 for the company. NF5468M5 features low latency, high bandwidth HCM interconnection and very large memory/cache. 4*PCIE X16 breaks the bottleneck of heterogeneous communication. With a flexible topology for training and inference and large storage capacity, it provides powerful performance.

Customer Benefits

With the computing power provided by Inspur, the company rapidly builds a strong AI platform and greatly enhance development efficiency. Also, Inspur helps the company establish its artificial intelligence laboratory, test and verify equipment, providing strong support for its business development.

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