Inspur Information SAP HANA All-In-One Solution Accelerates the Business Innovation of a Renowned Indonesian Telecom Operator

Background introduction:

The customer is one of the largest telecom operators in Indonesia and is a member of the Forbes Global 2000 top public companies list. It provides telecommunications services to millions of enterprise and individual users, plus related services including social media, e-payments, e-commerce platforms etc. In recent years, the company has been aggressively promoting digital transformation, and is establishing additional telecom infrastructure to boost the development of Indonesia's growing digital economy. These improvement include diversifying its digital businesses, improving operational efficiency, and being more user-oriented.

Telecom operators need to look to digital transformation to find new opportunities for development and innovation. The digital transformation strategy of this particular telecom operator is to provide a leading user experience by transforming from a traditional telecom service provider to a leading digital and data service provider. To meet the growing market demands, this required enhancing key business applications such as the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system based on the SAP HANA in-memory database to digitize business processes, gain insight into data value, and make real-time decisions.


The SAP HANA ERP system can effectively promote the digital transformation of internal platforms and business processes of the customer, redefine business operations, and ensure low-latency services. For example, using big data to analyze profits in detail from multiple dimensions and make real-time insights to enhance profitability.

The ERP system based on the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform has become a crucial tool for this customer in terms of operation management and business decision-making. However, the amount data being handled by the system was growing rapidly, resulting in the following business challenges with the existing SAP HANA in-memory computing platform:

1. The memory capacity was insufficient and needed to be expanded to satisfy growing business demands.

2. The newly expanded system should support higher memory capacities for future business expansion.

3. Lowering the total cost ownership (TCO) by reducing purchasing costs, maintenance costs, and optimizing the data center space utilization.

Solution introduction:

Cooperating with local partners, Inspur provided an end-to-end solution covering design, delivery, and implementation. Based on the Inspur TS860M5 SAP HANA all-in-one solution, Inspur built an in-memory computing expansion platform with excellent computing performance, memory capacity, scalability, and security.

The Inspur TS860M5 SAP HANA all-in-one solution is an SAP-certified in-memory computing database integration platform based on the Inspur TS860M5 server. This product integrates advanced data analysis and processing capabilities and application services, supports complex real-time data analysis, and can easily cope with a large number of concurrent accesses to ensure the smooth operation of business systems.

The Inspur TS860M5 server supports a maximum of 8 processors, allowing for a 30% performance improvement. It supports up to 96 DDR4 slots with bandwidth increased by 50%. With Intel Optane persistent memory, Inspur TS860M5 can flexibly meet a wide-array SAP HANA requirements form the customer. After extensively analyzing and evaluating customer business data, Inspur and partners configured each computing node with 6 processors and 9TB of memory with the ability to upgrade to 8 processors and 12TB of memory in future, which meets the current rigorous computing performance and memory capacity requirements the customer, while reducing initial investment costs.

Compared with the customer's existing hardware platform, the Inspur TS860M5 server is smaller in size and higher in computing density, improving data center space utilization and lowering purchasing costs.

In addition, the Inspur TS860M5 server has more than 80 RAS features, provides a full modular fault-tolerant design from the chip level to the component level, and offers fast fault diagnosis with a black box module and embedded oscilloscope which enable stable operation of the SAP HANA all-in-one solution. The Inspur TS860M5 SAP HANA all-in-one solution, with its excellent computing performance, stable and reliable design, and excellent vertical expansion capability ensures the stable and efficient operation of the customer’s ERP system, accelerating the company’s digital transformation.  

Customer Benefits

The digital transformation of telecom operators requires in-depth changes in customer acquisition methods, new business cultivation, management culture transformation, and operational efficiency improvements. The customer used the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform to fully deploy the latest generation of ERP business suites and solutions in the telecommunications industry, and established an omni-channel integrated information management platform to help enterprises achieve digital transformation.

The Inspur TS860M5 SAP HANA all-in-one solution helps customers to expand the SAP HANA in-memory computing platform, accelerate business processing efficiency of data analysis & financial reporting, improve the security and stability of the platform, and reduce the total cost of IT ownership by more than 15%.

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