Inspur Information’s High-End Four-Socket Server Ensures the Intelligent Operation and Maintenance of a Large Power Company in Saudi Arabia

Background introduction:

  • Customer Background

The customer is a large power company in Saudi Arabia, which ranked in the top 500 of the 2021 Forbes Global 2000 list.

  • Project Background

Recently, in consideration of the rigorous demands for power safety production control and energy efficiency improvements, a top power company in Saudi Arabia is accelerating its construction of new digital infrastructure to drive its digital transformation. The company plans to build an MISC (Maintenance Intelligent Support Center) system in the capital Riyadh, to obtain real-time online data, operational status, and handle alerts for the secondary system. The new system will provide relay protection, automate safety monitoring and alerts, and enable automation at the substation to reduce the costs and errors of manual station inspections through centralized remote operation and maintenance. It will enable the maintenance team to support the operation in Riyadh and surrounding areas.


1. Higher power requirements for the secondary system

The rapidly growing demand for electricity in Saudi Arabia has put forward higher requirements for the processing capacity, monitoring scope, and design of the secondary power system which drives the construction and operation of the secondary power system in Saudi Arabia to move towards efficient processing and comprehensive monitoring.

2. Strong demand for digital operation and maintenance

The customer's substation operation and maintenance business is facing several challenges such as low efficiency, high labor intensity, high power substation costs, and slow fault responses. The customer hopes to use its substation operation and maintenance business as a pilot scenario for digital transformation that will eventually be promoted throughout the country.

3. There are extremely high requirements for the stability of power equipment

The customer's dispatch data network is the core network of the power system. The network has strong real-time performance and high-reliability requirements. The security and reliability of the system are directly related to the safe and stable operation of power production. Therefore, power dispatch has extremely high requirements for equipment stability.

Solution introduction:

To meet the customer’s demands for digital operation and maintenance, Inspur Information provided the ISPIM data center operation and maintenance management platform to help customers effectively improve operation and maintenance efficiency, enhance resource utilization, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and ensure stable operation of equipment. In addition, to meet the special needs of the customer for system processing capability, convenient operation and maintenance capability, and stability, Inspur Information worked with power industry partners to integrate the industries excellent solution resources  with the high-end four-socket server NF8480M6, which combines excellent computing performance, scalability, and intelligent management, to ensure that the stability requirements of power systems are met while providing powerful computing power to meet the data processing requirements of the secondary power system.

Detailed solution:

In response to customer expectations for reducing the operational and maintenance loads of substations, Inspur Information provided the ISPIM platform to achieve a full lifecycle, full application scenario O&M management solution. The platform handles the integrated management of multiple devices in the data center and is able to connect with the third-party monitoring platforms, which can effectively help to improve customer O&M efficiency, enhance resource utilization, reduce O&M cost, ensure stable operation of equipment, and realize customer expectations for data-based O&M. In addition, by taking the advantages of ISPIM in the following aspects of intelligent operation and maintenance, it fully matches the customer's needs for digital operation and maintenance.

1. Anomaly detection: abnormal data in the power system is automatically monitored in real time; 2. Fault diagnosis: the system provides highly detailed fault information to operation and maintenance engineers; 3. Fault prediction: faults can be detected before they occur to avoid system downtime; 4. Fault repairs: the system can be restored without human intervention; 5. Performance prediction: basic data is provided for manual prediction and optimization suggestions for business systems; 6. Intelligent decision-making: it can be used without human intervention, intelligently adjusting configuration parameters of the server; 7. Intelligent recommendation: analysis and prediction of the whole data center to help guide the customer in future adjustments of the system and server hardware.

To satisfy the customer’s demand in terms of its system processing power and stability, Inspur offers the NF8480M6 server, a high-end four-socket rackmount server based on third-generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors. With powerful computing performance, flexible scalability, excellent reliability, and a high energy efficiency ratio, it perfectly adapted to customer's challenging requirements for secondary power systems. Equipped with four 3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable Processing 8380HLs, Inspur Information’s NF8480M6 server provides the ultimate performance by doubling the data communication bandwidth between CPUs based on six UPI links. The power supply and fans of NF8480M6 utilize a module hot-swappable design. BMC/BIOS supports chip-level redundancy. In addition, NF8480M6 supports Smart PPR technology, which detects and fixes memory failures during the boot process. In summary, the above features can meet the high stability requirements necessary for power delivery equipment.

Customer Benefits

After the launch of the power system platform jointly built by Inspur Information and its partners, the customer's secondary power system has been fully upgraded, and the system processing capacity and monitoring range have doubled compared to the previous system. With the Inspur Information’s overall data center operations and maintenance management platform, the workload of O&M personnel was reduced by approximately 20%, greatly improving operations and maintenance efficiency.

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