Inspur HCI Solution Expands Turkey's Top E-commerce Cloud Platform

Background introduction:

The customer is a leading e-commerce company in Turkey and e-commerce platform in several other countries in the Middle East. In 2021, the company sold 347 million products, averaging 950,000 orders per day. The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of Turkish e-commerce from 2021 to 2025 is forecasted to be 14.6%, with the industry expected to reach 25.7 billion USD by 2025. As an e-commerce leader, the customer will continue to grow with that trend, and needs a business platform that can provide sustainable enterprise development.


To cope with its massive annual business growth, the customer purchases over 1000 servers almost every year to expand its existing e-commerce platform. However, due to this continuous growth, difficulty in platform management is also increasing. It is on ongoing challenge to meet the linearity between expansion and performance in addition to addressing rising management and maintenance costs. Current data center management software has shortcomings and offers poor long-term solutions. The introduction of new suppliers plus the need for improvements of the supply chain ecosystem, improvements of platform management efficiency, and the need for cost reduction and efficiency requires an efficient and powerful solution. The specific challenges at the IT level are as follows:

1. The existing cloud platform cannot meet the demand

Due to the rapid increase in business volume, the existing cloud service infrastructure is already overextended. The customer wants to tackle this rigorous demand by building a pooled IT infrastructure platform that is efficient, easy to adjust, easy to manage, and can meet its expectations for performance.

2. IT equipment management complexity is high, as are operation and maintenance costs

E-commerce data centers have various types of equipment that are difficult to manage with conventional management platforms. Existing platform management software cannot match the cloudification trend of the data center. Data centers also often have unrefined management capabilities and poor automated operation and maintenance capabilities. This results in low platform operation and maintenance management efficiency. The coupling of platform management software and cloud platform virtualization software also needs to be improved.

The customer urgently needs to build a set of cloud platform solutions with strong scalability, high flexibility, and good stability to meet their growing business demands. After going through an extensive testing process, a software-defined storage solution based on VMware VSAN can integrate computing and storage resources while maintaining high performance, and can be deployed elastically on demand. The Inspur Physical Infrastructure Management Platform (ISPIM) provides users with a wide range of functions such as asset management, intelligent monitoring, energy consumption management, automatic inspection and repair reporting, stateless management, and statistical analysis of reports. This allows for unified management of servers, storage, network equipment, and firewalls, which improves operation and maintenance efficiency, reduces operation and maintenance costs, and ensure the stable operation of data centers. The powerful combination of VSAN's logically simplified architecture and the infrastructure management platform ISPIM is why the customer chose the Inspur hyper-converged solution.

Solution introduction:

Inspur cooperated with partners Intel and VMware to understand the customer's business pain points, and in order to meet their business needs, built a customized cloud server solution based on the Inspur 1U dual-socket server NF5180M6, with a hyper-converged suite. This provided the customer with an integrated hyper-converged solution with full-stack management analysis capabilities and flexible expansion.

Inspur's hyper-converged solution supports one-click database management and a wide range of file storage services, which immensely simplifies the complexity of system management and improves operation and maintenance efficiency. Based on this solution, the customer can complete infrastructure deployment in minutes, making it possible to deploy out-of-the-box. This solution also adopts a hyper-converged architecture with distributed single-node management to achieve excellent performance and provide superior fault tolerance, greatly improving stability of the customer cloud platform.

The Inspur hyper-converged solution is paired with the ISPIM management platform software for multi-scenario lightweight deployment, data center life cycle management, intelligent asset management, real-time asset tracking, and second-level performance monitoring. The solution lets the customer monitor equipment operation status in real-time, improve operation and maintenance efficiency, reduce operation and maintenance costs, and ensure safe and stable data center operation.

Detailed Solution:

1、Realize on-demand allocation of resources and reduce procurement costs

Inspur provides solutions for flexible allocation of computing resources across clusters and units without reconfiguring physical networks and external storage for business needs in different regions and scenarios. Based on Inspur's stable and reliable flagship server NF5180M6, users can realize online business while only investing the minimum necessary local resources in the initial stage, improving the customer's return on investment. In the follow-up production stage, customers can flexibly expand computing and storage resources according to their business needs, to achieve on-demand and dynamic resource supply, ultimately improving resource utilization, reducing capital expenditures, and reducing overall TCO.

2、A simpler storage virtualization solution

Based on VMware VSAN software-defined storage, Inspur's hyper-converged solution realizes storage resource virtualization based on server equipment, abstracts heterogeneous storage and local storage resources, and completes storage resource pooling, data replication, and on-demand distribution. In addition, based on its rich industry insights and practical cases related to multiple enterprise users, Inspur built an application-centric infrastructure resource consumption and management platform geared toward strategy-based automation to improve the automation operation level and efficiency of the e-commerce customer.

3、Realize unified management of resources

Inspur's hyper-converged solution realizes the virtualization of computing resources and network functions and provides intuitive and simple configuration management tools, which can flexibly allocate resources based on a unified control platform.

Customer Benefits

Inspur's hyper-converged solution can be rapidly and linearly expanded on demand, helping customers to improve deployment efficiency. The screwless Inspur server guide rail design makes the installation easy and convenient, reducing the deployment time to 1/6th of what is normally expected. Inspur provides a complete virtualization solution for computing, storage, and network platforms, and fully integrates software and hardware to greatly simplify the complexity of equipment management, and reduce TCO by 50% compared to traditional architectures. Power consumption is also greatly reduced. The stable, safe and efficient Inspur solution helps customers to steadily increase the computing power of the cloud platform by about 11%, enabling the platform to process over one million orders stably and successfully, and the average processing capacity increases by about 8%, providing powerful computing power for online sales business support. At the same time, the ISPIM management software platform supports 24x7 uninterrupted monitoring, provides a simple deployment approach based on mirroring, is fully compatible with Inspur server series, storage series, and network equipment series products, and supports monitoring and management of third-party manufacturers' equipment, helping customers improve operation and maintenance efficiency, saving operation and maintenance costs by about 30%.

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