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The new-generation resource platform not only provides the central management of different domains of networks, types of resources, supports of both traditional and new telco services, but also brings a whole new way of resource operations and maintenance which powered by AI technology.

Background introduction:

How to provide a unified fundamental platform for centralized resource management and maintenance for whole-network, all-domain and full-service?
Resource data accuracy and consistency remain at a low level due to huge complexity and variety.
Passive resource, e.g. fiber core, pipe hole, FAT, is difficult to manually collect, monitor and maintain, which brings low efficiency and could cause much error.
How can a single system fit for multiple scenario such as network planning, resource assignment, and network operation and maintenance?
Resource data is abstract and lack of visualization, without an overall and direct view.

Solution introduction:

Based on the unified micro-service architecture of network management, the resource management system functions are decoupled and modularized, and the resource management center is established..

To manage various resource and share fundamental resource data to support business processes and satisfy development demands of marketing and network. Solution highlights as below:

The client's return:

• Quick accurate resource query to bring quick response to customer request 

• Offer agile support and adaption to marketing and network change

• Support optimal resource assignment for service provisioning

• Facilitate rapid fault cause location and troubleshooting, enable improved availability

• High-quality reference resource data bring proper optimization solution and optimal result which improve customer experience by reduced time and cost

• Support effective network engineering operations (network upgrade, move, expansion, cutover, etc.) by current and historical resource info, sync latest network view after change

• AI camera recognition for key passive resource data import and verification to improve data accuracy.

• Resource visualization with AI capability to keep monitoring on utilization and provide early warning.

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