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By indicator systems and analysis models, the platform provides closed-loop process and helps build E2E support capability of service quality management and assurance oriented to excellent network performance, service quality, customer perception and experience.

Background introduction:

Inadequate business perception ability, weak of quality problem identification, potential low satisfaction user identification and prediction ability.
Complex integration, involving multiple vendors, high CapEx and OpEx, tough to adapt and support rapid business development
Repeated construction of general purpose tools, few even no reuse, cannot support cross-domain analysis, the waste of investment and high skill requirements
Separate data, disorganized manage, even wrong and inconsistent data, hard to accurately support operation and maintenance
Lack of intelligent analysis ability, tough to adapt to developing business and transform data to money

Solution introduction:

The solution is a big data-based system and flexible to meet needs of different network scales, data volumes and business scenarios. It can collect various types of data e.g. performance, signaling, xDR, MR, DPI, DT/CT data, logs, etc. and provide customized indicator definition and monitoring, flexible performance alarm, rich analysis to help quickly identify potential problems in advance and ensure network operation, service quality and customer experience.

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Solution highlights

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The client's return:

Establish visual dashboard of business quality and quality evaluation system.

• Obtain intelligent demand forecasting, problem identification, location and verification.

• Offer visual, automatic and intelligent features on monitoring, diagnosis and analysis to facilitate effective and agile O&M

• Activate data value, make data as new driving force of business innovation and development

• Accelerate transforming data to money and make data as new income source

• Flexible to utilize, easy to open and share for ability reuse and new application development with reduced CapEx and OpEx

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