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Based workflow platform, the system realizes agile business process design, orchestration, execution and E2E management for all of telco operation and maintenance processes and scenarios.

Background introduction:

Operation maintenance efficiency is low without a unified process.
There is no end-to-end connection between processes, users and data.
Mobile APP is required to realize Anywhere & Anytime work.
Weak intelligent O&M, and the automation level is low.

Solution introduction:

The solution provides an easy-to-use tool set and diverse applications to fully support operators' operation and maintenance work and help achieve process-driven, closed-loop O&M work management, improve O&M efficiency and reduce cost.

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Solution highlights

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The client's return:

• A unified O&M platform with built-in process engine and customized workflows, plans and tasks, and realize closed-loop management

• A single portal to get manager view, domain view, production view O&M order view and managed service view.

• ChatOps-based O&M robot and AI capability to automate the O&M daily work

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