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Flexible service and resource orchestration will realize the revolution of the way of customer service and resource delivery, and effectively upgrade telco service provider’s core competitiveness.

Background introduction:

In order to meet the increasing needs of customers and fierce competition of telecom industry, traditional networks are evolving to SDN and 5G networks, which requires software tools adoption.
Service cross multiple domains are provisioned separately, which costs much time and manpower.
Long fulfillment period leads to poor customer satisfaction.
Lack of service monitoring views and effective operation and maintenance tools, results in insufficient service assurance.
There is no flexible tool to meet the changing needs of customers.

Solution introduction:

The solution has ability to design and arrange end-to-end process of SO business opening, coordinate cross-discipline resource allocation, automatic activation, project implementation and other sub-processes, providing unified opening interface to interface and realizing visual monitoring and management of end-to-end process.

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Solution Highlights

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The client's return:

• Cross domain & Cross Vendor data collection and service provisioning

• Visual design & orchestration to support various services, adapt to network evolution rapidly

• Zero Touch Provisioning for automatic mapping instructions for service and controllers to reduce TTM and improve customer experience

• Zero Touch Partnering for automatic connecting multiple partners to eliminate the technical difference and domain barrier

• Close Loop Automation with end to end service topology monitoring and AI based multi-dimensional analysis to identify potential problems

• Support multi-tenancy for different MVNOs with security and isolation of their business and resource

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