Business Operation Center


Integrated solution provides comprehensive business operation support functions and flexible deployment, and realizes rapid capability delivery and launch to market.

Background introduction:

In the telecom industry, the profound changes have occurred not only in the technology and network field, but also in the fields of business, product form and customer base of telecom operators and service providers.

Now numerous individual, home, corporate and industry users use diverse multi-media, real-time interactive and intelligent services, data center service, cloud services, industry digital services and others every day and produce various activities and massive traffic, data and information in the world.

The new normal situation drives operators and service providers to adjust themselves in terms of customer relationship management, product design, billing mode and marketing strategy in order continuously to meet user’s demands and market development and pursue more user groups, market share and revenues.

Solution introduction:

Inspur Business Operation Center, the customer-centric multi-business support platform, provides unified management of product, customer, resource, partner and marketing campaign and entire billing and charging process. It is designed with high flexibility and agility to quickly adapt to different business modes, business portfolios, product configurations and billing modes and support new emerging business such as data center, 5G and IoT business.

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Inspur Business Operation Center Solution Overview

Inspur CRM & Lite Billing

Inspur solution takes customer as center, supports OMNI-channel business request, provide comprehensive customer 360-degree view, unified product catalog for flexible offering configuration, diverse rating & charging, enrich account receivables, flexible customer bill setting, timely dunning & credit control, to streamline customers’ journey and improve the customer experience.

Inspur Intelligent Campaign

Based on big data from various data sources (e.g. customer information from CRM, top-up log from Billing, customer activity data from CDR), provide multiple intelligent analysis topics and support flexible customization as needed in order to help achieve business excellence.

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Big data-based intelligent business analysis

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Take power company as an example, Inspur has total solution to help them provide telecom services for telecom operators and realize added value on basis of their owned abundant infrastructure especially optical fibers and realize customer management and settlement, fast service provisioning and delivery.

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The client's return:

• Customer-focused, win-win for both customer and market

• Quick business and product launching to market

• Quick product and service delivery to customer

• Accurate marketing and campaign control with increased marketing efficiency

• Applicable to multiple industry scenarios and business such as telecom converged business, broadcasting and TV, data center, 5G (2B scenario), IoT, energy, water, etc.

• Future-proof: supporting new business expansion and long-term business development

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