Data Sharing Platform


The data sharing platform is mainly for unified data asset management and open operation of data capabilities, with comprehensive data capability support for business applications and analysts, builds a centralized data processing factory internally, and provides a unified data consumption portal externally.

Background introduction:

Data is separated in multiple source system, without a unified format, difficult to integrate and use.
Nowadays, data volume is increasing in an explosive speed, the process capability is not powerful enough to handle.
There are too much invalid, error and junk data to be cleaned for a better data quality.
Data sharing is not easy with too much complexity.

Solution introduction:

The solution treats data as an enterprise-level asset and provides business-oriented data service.

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The client's return:

• Obtain all-professional and all-type data collection and integration capabilities

• Improve data processing capabilities that can be orchestrated throughout the entire process

• Get full life cycle management and quality assurance of data assets

• Provide various types of data services, one-click publishing and control

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