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Inspur AI platform builds an end-to-end AI system from data preparation to model openness. Based on the AI platform, Inspur has successfully help multiple industries achieve their business outcomes.

Background introduction:

•  AI/ML mechanism is a new drive for competitive development, business transformation and innovation.
•  With the explosion of network and data volume nowadays, huge computation and repetitive work consume a lot of manpower, resulting in low efficiency.
•  Inadequate network fault prediction ability and delayed handling of customer complaints lead to low customer perception.
•  The identification and maintenance of passive resources rely on manual work, the data quality is not high, and the support for network planning and network optimization is insufficient.

Solution introduction:

Based on the unified AI platform, the solution provides AI capability to support for various business applications.

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Typical application scenario

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The client's return:

• Obtain an end-to-end integrated AI platform for different roles, providing AI capability support for various business applications.

• Inject ML and AI capabilities to realize automatic management and improve work efficiency.

• Obtain AI prediction ability to prevent and deal with customer complaints in advance.

• AI automatic identification and maintenance of passive resources, improve data quality, predict future capacity, and plan network expansion in advance.

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