DevOps Platform


Generic Technology Platform based on cloud native technologies such as micro-services, Kubernetes, and DevOps, form development, O&M, deployment, and delivery standards, build micro-service framework and unified R&D management system.

Background introduction:

Today, with the rapid development of network technology and the continuous innovation of customer business, how do the corresponding B/OSS systems match?
There are various development technologies. How can we achieve rapid and flexible development and rapid online?
The lack of standardization in operation and maintenance management has led to frequent errors and increased time and labor costs.

Solution introduction:

Inspur Technology Platform is based on DevOps platform with latest cloud native technology which provides agile DevOps development tools to manage the end-to-end project process. It can strengthen the collaboration and communication between development team, operation and maintenance team and other teams, accelerate business development efficiency, and improve product quality and management level.

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The client's return:

• DevOps platform provides a standardized process for the whole life cycle of development, testing, deployment, and upgrading to achieve rapid operation and maintenance, improve work efficiency, and reduce labor costs.

• Low Code platform can provide flexible orchestration ability, improve the efficiency of operation and maintenance, quickly respond to customers' changing needs, and reduce the cost of operation and maintenance.

• Capability Openness platform has reusable and arrangeable component to improve the collaboration efficiency, profitability and cutting-edge customer experience of suppliers, operators and integrators.

• Rapidly adapt for network upgrading and expansion, and new products and new services are quickly launched.

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