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Inspur NetWatcher Portfolio

Include FM, PM, EOMS, IM, CM, SQM, Mobile O&M apps and other components and applications such as Scene Monitoring, Intelligent Inspection, Customer Service Support, etc.

Assure network operation and service quality by centralized monitoring, intelligent analysis and workflows.

Background introduction:

In this day and age, the telecom industry has been changed significantly. Evolving technologies and potential opportunities drive operators continuously investing the network construction and upgrade.

All the changes bring new challenges to service assurance and operation support – manage the complex hybrid network infrastructure internally, and meet booming needs and high expectations from customers externally with lower investment and cost, and higher efficiency and productivity.

Solution introduction:

Inspur NetWatcher portfolio, independently developed by Inspur, is designed for telecom operators and service providers to help realize intelligent, automatic and agile service assurance and operation support. The portfolio contains abundant components, modules, applications and built-in assets such as processes, reports, rules and templates.

Now Inspur has provided professional iOSS solution, products and services for more than 130 telecom customers in globe.

Inspur NetWatcher portfolio overview

Typical network operation and maintenance flow

Umbrella for whole network

Support multi-domain, multi-network technology and multi-vendor and realize central monitoring, operation, maintenance and management of hybrid complex network (2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, PSTN, FTTx, IT, cloudified network, IoT, data center, etc.)

Rich experience on various types of telecom networks and scenarios from the world’s largest network, multi-national and cross-regional network to new-born small network and legacy traditional network

Comprehensive network and service assurance

Offer comprehensive capability covering all service assurance factors incl. network problem, fault, performance, resource, inventory, asset, configuration, service quality, service level, customer experience, user profile, customer complaint, etc.

Comprehensive data enable intelligent analysis, operation automation and scientific support for decision-making and management


Scene monitoring and key area assurance

Intelligent & automation

Application of big data and AI technology (NLP, knowledge graph, intelligent question and answer, image recognition, speech recognition, AR/VR, etc.) bring new productivity significantly such as auto discovery, auto alarm pre-processing, auto early warning, intelligent rule mining, intelligent diagnosis, intelligent network inspection, intelligent workforce dispatch, intelligent analysis, etc.

Process-driven & closed-loop control

Closed-loop process and support flexible workflow setting and customization to adapt different application scenarios

Workflow tracking and performance evaluation enable efficient work and support continuous improvement

Intelligent fault discovery and troubleshooting

Customer-centric service

Modular-design, knowledge share and asset reuse enable fast delivery and launch

Flexible strategy for various scenarios (total version and lite version) and environments (on-premises and cloud)

Customized service and warranty support to assure customer experience

The client's return:

Assure a good performance network, high quality service and excellent customer experience

Intelligent, automated and efficient operation with reduced cost

Future-proof: supporting long-term network development, technology evolution and business growth

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