APS Service Fulfillment


Inspur APS Service Fulfillment Portfolio

• Include OM, IM, OSP, AM, WFM and Mobile applications.

• Respond to service request and fulfill it driven by process, enable high automation and intelligence.

Background introduction:

How to achieve leading postion and win this increasingly fierce competition is a serious problem that every telecom operator and service provide faces.

Healthy and dynamic networks and infrastructure are means of production. How can they transform into productivity for the market, products and services for customers and revenues to operators and service providers?

In order to win the competition, it is essential to provide personalized product and service for different customer base, enable quick time to market for new product and service, fulfill them to customer fast and of course, all of those works done under high efficiency and low cost.

Solution introduction:

Inspur APS (Automatic Provisioning System) is to provide unified, agile and intelligent service operation for telecom operators and service provides to guarantee excellent market performance and customer satisfaction.

It can help establish E2E fulfillment process of multiple services and support marketing operations and help reduce time-to-market, realize rapid service provision and improve efficiency and productivity. The solution provides strong capability to support full service fulfillment for individual customer, home customer and corporate customer such as broadband, voice, IPTV, VPN LL, internet LL, transmission LL, voice LL and converged services.

Inspur iOSS APS portfolio

Inspur APS portfolio overview

Jointly with portfolios of NetWatcher and IBS, Inspur can provide integrated one-stop solution covering business marketing, service fulfillment, service assurance and customer self-service. The solution contains lots of out-of-box components and is suitable for fast delivery and fast provision to market in early stage of business development.

Integrated one-stop solution covering full business processes

Integrated one-stop solution covering full business processes

Whole business diagram from marketing to service fulfillment and assurance

Business diagram covering marketing, service fulfillment and assurance

End-to-end flow & visual monitoring and control

• Provide one-stop solution containing end-to-end fulfillment flow and all the needed components

• Provide visual fulfillment flow monitoring and control to assure SLA and end user experience

End-to-end service fulfillment flow

End-to-end service fulfillment flow


• Offer great flexibility on model, workflow, rule, template, adaptor and others for easy configuration and quick customization to satisfy different customer scenario needs and adapt complex business processes and operations, future new business types and business change

• Offer abundant out-of-box assets to share and reuse for quick configuration, customization and delivery


• Provide high-degree automation of order handling, resource allocation, activation, workforce scheduling and bring remarkable improved efficiency

• Realize automatic resource activation with zero-touch operation


• Provide diverse mobile apps for different teams and end users (support both Android and iOS) for instant handling, communications, expert Q&A, remote guide, knowledge share and enable work anywhere and anytime

• Utilize technical means to record filed staff activity, monitor and track their route and work for better performance and efficiency

Inspur iOSS mobile app lists

Mobile applications (covering marketing, service fulfillment, assurance and customer self-service)


• Provide solution of total version and lite version to satisfy different business development stages and demands

• Support deployment on cloud and on-premises to adapt to customer existing environment

• Support smooth expansion and upgrade and adapt to new business type development and long-term market growth in future

The client's return:

• Quick service provision to customer

• Quick time to market for new business

• High-degree automation (second-level automatic activation), high efficiency and productivity

• Future-proof: supporting long-term business development and growth

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