Unified Platform


Unified Platform Family

• Include iBKS platform, iData Platform and RapidAI Platform.

• Construct central fundamental platform across the enterprise, enable fast IT development and deployment with reduced cost and improved efficiency.

Background introduction:

For enterprises, IT capability has become one of the most important productivity. It not only takes charge of constructing and maintaining IT systems, offering IT service and providing IT support for various business units, but also plays an increasingly important role in enterprise operation and management.

Nowadays, it even occupies a dominate position in enterprise business innovation and transformation. Enterprises urgently need to build smooth collaboration and links between different departments, quickly and efficiently respond to business demands, and continuously realize IT development and deliver IT services in the end.

The CIO and IT departments must meet the fast changing and diversified needs from various enterprise units and provide convenient IT development, agile and efficient business deployment, intelligent business operation and smart decision-making and management in order to help enterprise development, innovation and digital transformation.

Solution introduction:

The unified platform of Inspur offers abundant and powerful platform capabilities of infrastructure environment, big data, AI and specified business and open these capabilities as service for efficient reuse in enterprise level. It can provide professional support for different departments to realize fast application development, innovation and delivery.

Unified platform family overview

Unified platform family overview

iBKS platform

As foundation of enterprise IT infrastructure, the iBoard KubeShift platform encapsulates and standardizes the underlying technical components, environment and related O&M capabilities, and provides simple service interfaces centrally for upper applications. It can help realize deep decoupling of applications, technologies and infrastructure, provide and enable fast and efficient development and implementation.

iData platform

The iData platform aims to help build an enterprise-level data center. It can aggregate data from multiple data sources inside and outside the enterprise, process, operate and manage these data in the platform and open to provide data service centrally.

Take telecom industry as example, the platform can aggregate data of O/B/M domain and support cross-domain applications.

RapidAI platform

The RapidAI platform is an integrated AI open platform covering AI operating environment, data annotation platform, model training platform and AI open services. Based on the platform, customer can directly use the AI capability and easily develop AI applications.


• Use container technology and micro-service architecture, provide cloud-based open components, elastic computing environments and related development, operation and management capabilities

• Truly aggregate enterprise’s data, mine data value, monetize data assets and realize data enable business, operation, management

• Focus on scenario and assist fast AI application development on basis of integrated AI platforms (e.g. AutoML, IAI, NoteBook ), AI computing frameworks (e.g. Sk-Learn, TensorFlow, Caffe-MPI, MLLIB) and AI services (e.g. NLP, image recognition, knowledge graph, intelligent search, intelligent Q&A)

The client's return:

• Integrate resources and capabilities of different departments to achieve maximum utilization and effectiveness within the enterprise

• Standardized middleware, environment, data and AI algorithms opening as service enable fast use, development and easy deployment

• Unified platform and unified operation and maintenance lead remarkably reduced CapEx and OpEx

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