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Inspur and SAP jointly signed strategic cooperation agreement.

On the afternoon of January 14 (Beijing time), Inspur and SAP jointly signed strategic cooperation agreement. Both parties will cooperate with each other, fully give play to their product, technology and market advantages, provide large and medium enterprises of China with total solutions to smart manufacturing at a higher level, actively promote implementation of “Made in China 2025” strategy through reference to and combination with experience from Germany’s Industry 4.0 and conduct overall operation in the whole world at the same time. Sun Pishu, Chairman and CEO of Inspur Group and Bill McDermott, Global CEO of SAP jointly attended the signing ceremony.

At present, the government of China is promoting enterprise transformation and economic upgrading through the strategy of “Made in China 2025” and “Internet+”. Cooperation between first-class technological enterprises from Germany and China will accelerate implementation of the strategy of ““Made in China 2025”, optimize ecological chain of China’s smart manufacturing, and improve international competence of Chinese information industry and manufacturing industry. 
In accordance with this agreement, both parties will conduct in-depth cooperation in such fields as smart manufacturing and enterprise cloud, promote integrated innovation and supplementation between Inspur enterprise management software and SAP industrial software, accelerate integration of Inspur’s ERP software with SAP’s industrial software, such as MES, MII and PCO, jointly create solutions to smart manufacturing suitable for Chinese market, jointly construct a Chinese smart manufacturing platform, and form a first-class ecological circle of smart manufacturing in China. In the whole world, Inspur, by virtue of a huge opportunity brought about by China’s strategy of “One Belt, One Road”, is rapidly making overall arrangement in countries along one belt and one road. As for projects undertaken by Inspur, such as cloud data center, Inspur will cooperate with SAP to provide clients with consultancy and planning service, as well as complete solutions to enterprise informatization and products. In addition, both parties will organize exchange and sharing of experience on Industry 4.0 throughout China, help Chinese enterprises rapidly understand and plan industrial upgrading brought about by smart manufacturing, promote authentication of Inspur’s data center products and SAP’s HANA Platform, launch Inspur-HANA all-in-one machines, jointly develop leading solutions and conduct further cooperation about cloud service by relying on respective advantage in the field of cloud computing and big data.
Inspur Group is a leading service provider of cloud computing and big data as well as a leading enterprise providing management software and solutions for large and medium enterprises. Inspur has the completest cloud computing solutions in China, arranges 16 fourth-generation cloud computing centers and can provide safe, professional and overall cloud service for 200 regional governments, 40 industrial ministries and commissions and 200 large enterprise users, as well as big data service integrating innovative organization data and internet data, providing strong technology, product and platform support for Chinese enterprises’ transformation to “Internet +” and “Smart Manufacturing”.
As a promoter of implementation of “Made in China 2025” Strategy, Inspur has accumulated a large number of clients and abundant practical experience in the high-end ERP market. Such clients include but not limited to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Aviation Industry Corporation of China, China South Industries Group Corporation, China Grain Reserves Corporation, China Tower, China Shipbuilding Industry Company Limited, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Railway Engineering Corporation, China Railway Construction Corporation, China Communication Construction Company Limited, Dalian Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd., Jiangnan Shipyard and Harbin Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd., etc. In addition, Inspur has successfully helped 20% of domestic listed companies, 30% of top 500 enterprises in terms of informatization and 30% of enterprises affiliated to SASAC realize informatization. In 2015, Inspur took the lead in launching smart manufacturing strategy, i.e., “Made in China 2025@Inspur”. For the purpose of realizing smart manufacturing, Inspur accelerates implementation of “Inspur Enterprise Cloud” based on big data and boosts enterprise networking through hybrid cloud solutions integrating “Cloud + End”. In addition, Inspur, together with several institutions, initiates and establishes “China Smart Manufacturing Information Promotion Alliance” to jointly promote preparation and popularization of smart manufacturing industry related national standards. Through cooperation with SAP, Inspur will further improve its solutions to smart manufacturing and cloud computing product line and provide Chinese users with more independent and reliable products and solutions at a higher level.

SAP has the world-leading smart manufacturing solutions and the memory computing platform as well as successful experience in helping enterprises from different industries and at different sizes to realize operational excellence. As an initiator and an implementer of Germany’s Industry 4.0, SAP has made remarkable achievements in the field of smart manufacturing. In China, SAP is continuously committed to helping clients realize digital transformation. Following the concept of “making it easy”, SAP helps enterprises realize simplification in business and management under complex environment characterized by high informatization. With the help of SAP, enterprises with simple industrial automation will transform to modern service enterprises characterized by interconnection of vertical business process, and interconnection of horizontal upstream and downstream industrial chains and business network.