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VMworld Witness: Inspur as One of the First Few Partners of EVO and Initial Global Launch of EVO All-in-one Machine

Released on: August 27, 2014

San Francisco, August 25, 2014: VMworld 2014, as one of the two major IT events of the world together with Mac World, was inaugurated in a grand ceremony, with 35,000 registered participants and over 31,000 onsite participants. In the conference, VMware formally declared the launch of the latest super-integrated architecture VMware EVO and released its first list of global partners. As the only partner in China, Inspur released and displayed the first private cloud all-in-one machine oriented towards software-defined data center in the world.

Pat Gelsinger, VMware CEO, publicized the first list of global partners for VMware EVO: RAIL

VMware CEO Pat Gelsinger made an impressive debut from a “broken hole” in smokes. He eloquently talked about VMware’s activities in OpenStack, mixed cloud and VMware EVO to the audience of 25,000 under stage, i.e. close embrace of OpenStack and continued advocacy and implementation of software define data center; release of vCloud Air strategy, establishment of a global cloud data center and thorough competition against AWS; release of V-San all-in-one machine strategy and launch of the first integrated hardware and software product EVO for this strategy, including VMware EVO: RAIL oriented for large and medium-size enterprises and VMware EVO: RACK oriented to large-scale data center users.

Pat Gelsinger released the first list of global partners for VMware EVO: RAIL and the only Chinese “Inspur ” appeared on site. Inspur hence became the first and only Chinese company to launch VMware EVO: RAIL. Other partners include Dell, EMC, Fujitsu, NetOne and Supermicro. Cisco and HP was excluded from the list unexpectedly.

Today, software define data center has become a de-facto standard of cloud data center. This joint release of EVO by VMware and its partners is expected to simplify and accelerate the deployment of software define data center through the integrated software and hardware solution. VMware EVO: RAIL is a new structural member oriented to software define data center and can provide integrated software of computer, network, storage and management, support the customer’s rapid and repeated use of software defined architecture services and realize its expansion. For the user, VMware EVO: RAIL is valuable in that it substantially simplifies the delivery process of software defined architecture services and the user the generate the virtual machine within some minutes after use of the equipment, hence realizing operating values and reducing operating costs.

Commenting on becoming the only partner of VMware EVO: RAIL in China, Wang Feng who is general manager of Inspur Cloud and Big Data Department believes that “the realization of VMware EVO: RAIL has very high requirements on technical ability. It shows that Inspur’s ability on the level of hardware architecture has been recognized by VMware and other partners and has the ability of world-leading IT corporations in the integrated product of software define data center. Meanwhile, the VMware EVO: RAIL products that Inspur introduces would also change the current conditions of software define data center and the customer can deploy new-type data centers more simply and faster”.

Initial Global Launch of Inspur EVO All-in-one Machine

According to Wang Feng, Inspur will carry out in-depth cooperation with VMware during R&D, production and sale of VMware EVO: RAIL on a global scale and continuously promote the realization of software define data center.

Inspur’s cooperation with VMware on EVO all-in-one machine allows Inspur to offer more integrated solutions of SDDC (software define data center), enables Inspur to establish more integrated product packages and solutions in terms of cloud computing, covering In-Cloud OS cloud data center system, EVO all-in-one machine, Smarttrack and various other innovative cloud data center architectures, and further consolidates Inspur’s leadership in the cloud computing sector of China.

Inspur and international tycoons have engaged in all-around cooperation recently with an aim to facilitate its integration into the international industrial and technical ecology. It declared partnerships with IBM last Friday, i.e. IBM DB2 and WebSphere will fully support Inspur Tiansuo K1 system. Both parties will also jointly establish the center of excellence (CoE) and support the system development oriented to new platform clients and independent software developers (ISVs). The details about partnerships with SAP will also be publicized this week.